How to pick the best Middle Eastern investment

qatardoha2While the Middle East energy sector has been looking to diverse into green technology of late, there has also been a resurgence in the price of oil, gold and silver meaning good news for the areas staple products. This could signify the return of long term upward trends or the recent political tensions in the area may have raised the price. The improving economies within the Eurozone suggest that as stability returns to the Gulf’s main export routes, demand is steadily rising. Continue reading


Development of Plastic Pipes in the Middle East

pipeline_middle_eastIn a region that rips big from oil exports in the billions of dollars, there is still much that should be done to raise the economy to have the same stature as that of the black gold. Middle East can accredit the growth seen in its various industries to the proceeds that come from the export of oil. The energy and mining industry are probably the biggest benefiters, but all other industries are also linked to this. Continue reading