Infrastructure Industry in the Middle East


Skilled workers in the field of construction business are needed in large numbers in places like Middle East and in the European continent. You might think that there is slow progress in the economy of Europe and in places like Saudi Arabia. Those managers who are well experienced in this business are in high demand. If you are interested in this business, you can earn around 100 000 USD in a year or even more than that. Salaries will vary from one region to another but it will surely be a huge amount.

For instance, when you live in places like Oman, you can earn even higher. Managers in Oman earn around 140 000 USD per year. Apart from experience, the place where you work will also determine the salary that you might receive. There is a heavy requirement for power plant builders in Oman. Those who are well versed with the latest technology to build power plants and those who get qualified from reputed engineering institutes will be chosen on a priority basis. If you are one among them, it is high time to look for opportunities to work in the Middle East. You must also be prepared to sign bonds or contracts when you work in Oman. There will be a five year bond. Though you will be locked in the same company for around 5 to 6 years, the experience that you gain through the projects will be worth the time spent in Middle East.

Some companies will be having collaboration with the Asian companies like South Korean companies. They will employ engineers who have a lot of knowledge about the western engineering concepts. Among all the other managers, one of the most sought after managers are the project quality managers. They will design the guidelines that need to be followed for each and every project. These managers will take a keen interest in deciding the policies and objectives of each assignment. Implementing these policies according to each country or state is surely a difficult task. They perform it in an efficient manner, so that there are no legal issues in the project, in the future years.



  1. Hmm…They make a pretty good salary, but I don’t know about that 5-6 year commitment unless they have family there or get great vacation time. However, I met quite a few people of different nationalities in different fields- medicine, journalism, etc.- who had been there that long, even one person saying he’s been there 15 years. Unfortunately, they all said they hated it, and the money was why they were there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Are you working in Saudi?

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